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Prevent Sexual Harassment Prevent Workplace Bullying

Prevent Sexual Harassment:
Employees Video DVD Kit

Formats Available: Video / DVD
Languages Available: English
Video Length: 20 minutes

Inside this training kit youíll find:
  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • What sexually harassing behavior is
    • When a workplace environment becomes sexually hostile
    • How to tell if conduct is unwelcome
    • Employee responsibilities for preventing sexual harassment
Be Proactive and prevent sexual harassment and other inappropriate or illegal behaviour from occurring in your workplace. The Prevent Sexual Harassment in the workplace training video DVD examines and explains all forms of sexual harassment prohibited under US federal and state law.

In order to meet your companyís Due Diligence and Defend your company against a claim:
  • Your company requires a well written Anti-Harassment policy with complaint handling procedure
  • Provide employee training on the policy, take complaints seriously and investigate where appropriate
  • Take corrective action where necessary
Topics covered in this kit include:
  • What constitutes sexual harassment under federal and state law?
  • The impact of sexual harassment on the individual and company
  • Practical workplace specific interactive scenarios
  • The extension of the workplace and sexual harassment by third parties
  • How to deal with sexual harassment if it occurs
  • What you can do as an employee to maintain a respectful workplace
  • How to report incidents and what to expect under your anti- sexual harassment policy
  • Protection from retaliation
  • And more...

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

On January 9, 2012, Louisiana State University Eunice conducted their bi-annual Faculty/Staff Workshop which included sexual harassment awareness training presented from the HR Proactive Sexual Harassment Video DVD. At the end of the training, each employee was asked to fill out a survey rating the information from the video in the following areas: usefulness, timeliness, adequate coverage, and overall rating. Information presented from the Sexual Harassment Video DVD received an overall rating of 95% (Excellent) from faculty and staff at LSU Eunice.

I was extremely pleased with the statistically data from the survey because it confirmed the verbal feedback I received from our faculty and staff after the workshop. Examples of feedback I received were, "I really enjoyed the video", "it was very informative", "the video was current and included up-to-date information", "great presentation, not boring at all", "by far better than the information presented in the past", and "not too long, not too short, just right". As you can see, an overwhelming majority of faculty and staff really enjoyed the video and they also communicated that they wanted to receive more training like this in the future.

Thank you, HR Proactive, for providing us with useful information to help our campus maintain an environment free from sexual harassment.

Atina Guillory Wright, MSHRM
Career Services Coordinator/Advisor
Louisiana State University Eunice

is key to sexual
harassment prevention

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.

This kit contains:
  • One 20-minute video/DVD
  • Easy to use leaderís guide
  • Reproducible participant guide
  • Glossary & further references
  • Reproducible scheduling & attendance form
  • Employee quiz
  • Training certificate




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Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Video DVD, Guides, Policies & E-Learning program on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
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