Training for Preventing Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Rserving

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training



What Our Course Accomplishes


Prevention of sexual harassment within the workplace starts here. It is important to have every employee and employer aware of the harmful effects and consequences of sexual harassment. Our sexual harassment prevention course allows everyone to be on the same page about what is and is not acceptable behavior in the workplace. This training will help to promote positivity and safety in the workplace.


Our course educates an individual on:


  • What is sexual harassment & examples
  • Bystander intervention
  • Internal & external reporting methods
  • Protected activities
  • Consequences for perpetrators
  • Responsibility in preventing sexual harassment
  • Other forms of workplace harassment



Advantages of an Employer Account


Discover the advantages of an Employer Account with Rserving today! As an employer, training your employees on methods to prevent and report sexual harassment has never been quicker, easier, and cheaper.


An Employer Account gives you:


  • Customizable policy documents
  • Student progress tracking
  • Proof of training available immediately upon course completion
  • Compliance training documents stored in one place



Help Promote a Positive & Safe Work Environment


Our sexual harassment prevention training is aimed at making your workplace a space where every employee feels welcome and safe. Our training will help everyone understand what sexual harassment means and ways to prevent it. Our training also explains how to report sexual harassment internally and externally to state and federal agencies. As an employer, you will also learn what your responsibilities are when handling cases of sexual harassment. Your employees will also learn their roles and responsibilities in the prevention of sexual harassment.


With this knowledge, all employees can engage in appropriate workplace behavior, avoid disciplinary action, know their rights, and feel secure in a respectful atmosphere for all people. It is important that everybody feels welcome, safe, and respected in the workplace. Everyone should be able to enjoy a fair, safe, and productive work environment.